What are your long-term goals and objectives – personal, lifestyle, financial, business? What’s the GAP between your longer term needs, and the value of your business? How ATTRACTIVE is your business to a potential buyer? Who might buy your business?  

Dare to plan...

How long might it take to sell it? How will you get paid for it? What about your staff – how will they deal with it all? What happens if you can’t sell it when you need to? What if something unanticipated happens in the mean time?

Who’s going to help me do all this – I haven’t done THIS before?

The toughest thing to do is to make that first footprint in the sand. You sort of know you will eventually need to do something, but you are uncertain, and it is scary to even think about – feeling like that is pretty normal.

If you just want to cut to the chase, contact BF strategic: we can help you, and have the experience that counts; and it will cost you nothing to find out how!

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