A well implemented PTP will investigate and implement plans for every element of your business, so that the attractiveness to a potential buyer is enhanced, and the buyer’s perceived risk is diminished and opportunities are enhanced. It’s about anticipating what type of buyer may be interested in your business, and delivering it to them in a condition that makes it easier for them to want to: buy it; pay a higher price for it; and not muck around in the process.

Remember: no-one HAS to buy your business, but ultimately, you WILL HAVE to deal with it. These are times where an increasing number of baby boomer exits are coming on to the market, with a limited number of buyers. How does your business attract a buyer, let alone a better price, or at the price you need, and within the time frame you need?

BF strategic has the experience and the skills to walk with you through the entire process. Experience, not just at an advisory level, but with the experience of having been in your own position many times – that’s experience that counts!

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