Life after business – sounds pretty cool! You’ve worked hard, for a long time building it up: it’s now off your hands; no staff hassles, no industrial laws to deal with, no cash flow problems to deal with, no pesky customer issues, no quality issues, no ….

If that is the case, then how come 3 out of 4 business owners end up regretting their exit? There are lots of very predictable reasons why, and at BF strategic we have experience with just about all of them!  It’s too late to realize what your real dreams are, afterwards, when you have lost the opportunity.

At BF strategic, we will work with you to think of your life, your goals, and your ambitions beyond exit. For most small business owners, your business is your life; you don’t have time to think beyond it – you are too busy running it.

By the time you get to think seriously about it, most will usually be pretty close to looking at exit, and become absorbed in the transaction itself; with little time or capacity to influence the outcomes; then you are in limbo, waiting for a sale to be finalized – for how long?

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