RED SHOES TORCH RELAY: Awesome brand awareness – Dare to fail?

I may be biased as I am an unabashed fan of Paloma Faith’s music, and her retro quirkiness. Paloma is an English singer-songwriter and actress; known for her oft times outrageous fashion.

Verging on intentional guerrilla marketing, or otherwise, this quirky lady’s appearance in the London Olympics’ torch relay in impossibly large red high heels and modified relay uniform (all strictly against relay protocol) has certainly achieved exposure to a large international audience; many, otherwise unaware of her. The sight of Miss Quirky (celebrating her 27th birthday) doing her own version of a socially interactive, sometimes stumbling relay “run” for a total 330 metres, has raised a mixture of international amusement, ridicule, and disdain.

Whether Richard Branson and his antics, Dick Smith and his giant ice-berg to Sydney Harbour stunt, or the likes of Lady Gaga wearing half a dead cow on her head, or the quirky (but certainly not ditzy) sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette, sometimes red-haired Paloma, have all created long-lasting memories of …

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