Start with the end in mind.

Research shows that 75% of small business owners now regret selling their business. OUR CLIENTS are in the other 25%! Find out more → Click here for your free consultation
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  • Dare to dream...
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    The future isn't written yet - it's up to you.

Our experience is the difference.

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    BF strategic can provide you with e-Books covering a range of business topics, including one dedicated to Exit and Succession Planning. These books are all free of charge, and have been developed through the resources of MAUS Business Systems. To obtain your own copy of Exit and Succession click here. To see the complete range of e-Books that we have available, click here.
  • Your exit is inevitable.

    Every business owner is ultimately faced with the prospect of moving on from their business. The 75% of business owners that regret exiting their business largely comprise those that don’t really know what their goals after business are; and are caught with their pants down through personal and business circumstances they hadn’t properly thought about, or thought “it won’t happen to me – I’m different”.
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    We offer a free, no obligation consultation service to help get you started. We will address where you are at, your current challenges, goals and expectations, and how transition planning might work for you and your business. Whether imminent, or seemingly light-years away, every day you leave it, the window of opportunity to influence the outcomes closes just a little. Interested? Fill in our Form and we'll get back to you very soon.
  • Current Special Offers


    BF strategic will not only undertake a GAP analysis we will develop a 90 Day Action Plan for you, at an unbelievably nominal cost of only $100 plus GST. That makes the cost of your first footprint in the sand genuinely affordable, and without further obligation. Find out more →