Some researchers call it Seller’s Block.

It’s when a business owner nearing that stage when they really should be thinking about the future of their business and their relationship with it, refuses to engage with the concept!

Typical reasons given include:

  • Too hard to think of – I’m so busy, don’t know where to start, and don’t have the time anyway
  • It scares me – I don’t want to think about it
  • The business is my life, I really can’t think of anything beyond that
  • No-one would want to buy my business
  • The staff will all leave when they find out
  • No-one can run it like me
  • Our systems are a mess, and it will be too hard to sort them out for someone else
  • What will I do after I have sold it?
  • Anyone buying it will want me to keep working for them; I don’t want to work for anyone else
  • I want to keep it for my kids to run, but they aren’t ready

Eventually, the reality, however, has to be faced.

The development and implementation of methodologies such as BF strategic’s Progressive Transition Planning can not only assist you in developing strategies to overcome Seller’s  Block, but can ultimately have you embracing the process, and your dreams.

It’s easy enough to develop and embrace the reality of your own dreams, by taking that first step in the sand: contact BF strategic right now for your free one hour consultation – it might just be the most important hour of the rest of your life.